As a wedding designer it is my desire to create beautiful things and unforgettable memories. My soul feeds on beauty in many forms, but my love for exquisite things is not my only passion. This blog entry is about something totally different  - something that moves me on a very deep and profound level: my passion for children in need.  

    When I recently heard about the desperate situation of the Ebola orphans in Africa, my heart was stirred and I was touched at the core of my being. In my heart, I knew right away I had to engage in some way and do something about it.


    There are thousands of children who, in the wake of the devastating spread of the Ebola virus, have been left with no place to go and no one to care for them. Oftentimes their whole families and even their extended families have been wiped out by this cruel virus. The number of children who have been left destitute and traumatized is being estimated at 20,000. Children are the most vulnerable members of our society with the least means to defend themselves, left alone care for themselves and because of this, they need our support. SHARING HOPE is a campaign that aims to do just that.


    The goal is to help the orphans and give them a home again and thus a place where they belong and where their wounds can slowly heal. It means for them to once again be surrounded by love. It means having someone who cares and comforts them after being hopeless and left traumatized. We all in our society take so many things for granted, especially during the Christmas season. We take great delight in the company of our families and enjoy the comfort of our cozy homes. The Ebola children, however, are desperate for just a slice of the pleasures we enjoy.


    SHARING HOPE is about making a lasting difference in these children’s lives and transforming their future into a future of HOPE. Just image what we can do together and what a lasting and life changing impact we can have!


    We are thrilled to have been able to put together a great sponsoring team for this campaign – a team that consists of the finest people in our wedding industry that all share my passion. Our goal is to raise enough funds to provide 15 orphans with full support so they can start into a new future. This Christmas, instead of sending out Christmas gifts to our customers and vendors, we have all decided to donate to this campaign. We very much invite you to also support this project and join in with us! Depending on the amount donated to this cause, all participants will be eligible to take advantage of the various special give-aways (perks), offered by our team as incentives. Every amount donated will be deeply appreciated. So please support this initiative and share it through social media an in any other way.

    To find out more please go to: SHARING HOPE 


    Thank you so much from our whole team!



    Support the ebola orphans

    The wedding industry supports the ebola orphans.

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