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To plan a wedding, means to create an unforgettable and unique day that honors its occasion. In our estimation, this is not primarily an organizational task. Planning and organizing are important, no question about it – they are essential and need to be flawless. Planning a wedding, however, in our eyes is more than just picking the right colour combinations or to decide on the various courses of the festive dinner. A wedding is so much more than this!


Your love is center stage! You have found that special person, your soul mate, and your intimate companion that is eager to spend the rest of his or her life together with you. On your wedding day, you have the rare and wonderful opportunity to have your loved ones, your family and your friends close by. They honor you with their presence and have come for the sole purpose to celebrate you and your love for one another and to see you off to a great start into a joined future. Cherish this moment. It is unique and precious, a lifelong memory in the making and a milestone not just for you, but also for all the wonderful people in your life.


To us, your wedding is about creating this memory, this milestone. As a first step we get to know you, your personality, your preferences, your wishes and dreams. And because you as a couple are unique, your wedding should reflect this uniqueness and be distinguished by your individual style and your very own personality. We believe what makes a wedding special is its careful choice of details in its composition to reflect your personal design style and a smooth and harmonious sequence of events throughout the wedding day. With various new and beautiful elements we aim to surprise your guests over and over again. We want them to forget time and enjoy the celebration to the utmost possible extent. This is what we are passionate about when setting out to plan your wedding together with you. 


This time of your wedding preparations is a very special time, and we would  like to arrange it to be a relaxed one filled with joyful anticipation for you. Throughout the entire planning process we act as your designers, managers and confidants to make sure we create your wedding as a wonderful and unique experience both for you and your guests. With a particular sensitivity to style and special attention to every even so minute detail, we care to fulfill your wishes. We listen to you, care about you and support you in every way possible and impossible. 


My devoted team and I are looking forward to professionally plan and turn your dreams for your special day into an exceptional reality. 



Inhaberin Irina Thiessen Weddings



This is me


I am Irina, hopelessly in love with the beautiful things in life. 
What I consider beautiful is everything that makes me smile, lets me hold my breath for a moment and inspires me. I love interior design and the 1000 options of an empty room. Were I not a wedding coordinator – I actually like to call it wedding-designer – I most likely would be an interieor designer or a photographer, which by the way is my hobby. I am a wife, mother and business woman. I love nature, prolonged walks and hikes. I love the vastness of the ocean, the beauty of a tranquil and majestic sea and enjoy a walk along a beach or a river – because it makes my heart all wide and open. I love to hold a cup of hot chocolate in my hands and I love chocolate truffles! I love to explore new cities with my family, to discover hidden and narrow winding alleys with little exquisite boutiques packed with wonderful things, just waiting for me. I love to visit antique markets & cozy cafés – just so. I love music –  it touches my soul. But most of all I love to be creative and to develop new ideas, to give form to beauty. I see a beautiful piece of art in a flower bouquet, a table dressing or even exquisit fabric – it makes me smile. That is a reflection of my artistic and creative bent and my know-how. I have made my passion my job: creating beauty. Seeing a wedding celebration in all its beauty and finesse, seeing the elation of the wedding couple and the guests makes me realize anew, how much I love my work. Beauty, in whatever shape makes life special! That is who I am at my innermost core.
On a professional level, I have gathered a tremendous amount of experience from many years of work on national and international platforms. As an executive assistant working for global management boards and planning many special events, I acquired a solid basis for my current work: planning and designing exquisite weddings and events. In addition to that I hold a diploma in event management from the Deutsche POP Academy. As far as my creative side … well that is a gift that was luckily given me by my creator. 
To plan a wedding, means to create an unforgettable and unique day that honors its occasion. With special attention to every minute detail and a keen eye for aesthetics we, Kathi, Veronika and Irina make sure your dreams for your wedding come true. Lean back, relax and enjoy the anticipation of an unforgettable wedding day! The opportunity to assist you with your celebration is an honor and a privilege to us.