Our Wedding Boutique 

 No two events are alike and for this very reason we craft our Service to meet your needs and your budget. 


Our service can be booked as follows:

  • On an hourly basis for limited services – consultations, vendor referrals, etc.
  • On the basis of our packaged services outlined in our Wedding Boutique for extensive pre-event planning, event conception and design as well as  event day management.

In order to fully understand the specific level of support needed for your wedding, we offer a complimentary consultation where we can get to know you and also present our services and pricing. Consultations may be in person or by telephone or skype. 



 À La Carte


You are still missing a few jigsaw puzzle pieces for your dream wedding? We allow you to quickly and easily choose from our databank whatever service or assistance you might still need. Our repertoire is nearly endless – starting with our assistance in finding the right location, booking the minister or officiating speaker, finding the perfect musicians and of course the best food catering service. Having determined your specific needs, we put together a detailed list of suggested services which fit your budgetary requirements and which we have prior checked for availability with our vendors.

Table top decoration with Protea in burned orange




Wedding invitations with seal in burned orange colour


 Design Concept


You like to manage things yourself but simply lack experience when it comes to a wedding celebration? We are here to support you with a personalized wedding concept and a detailed road map for its realization. This way you are well prepared and have all the necessary tools to go about organizing your dream wedding yourself. Should you still encounter any challenges or end up not having enough time to manage everything yourself, we will be more than glad to support you in any way possible – you can count on some valuable hints, suggestion or interesting ideas. Should you then after organizing everything yourself still feel you need support on the day of your wedding, we will of course be there to assist you in any way we can.



Design Concept & Realization


Would you like your celebration to be a unique and exquisite experience, but you lack the time to organize all the details? Would you rather lean back and enjoy the thrill of the anticipation without worrying about every minute thing? Irina Thiessen Weddings is here to help – we plan, organize and manage your dream wedding. All you yourself still have to do is say „I do!”

In order to get to know each other, we will schedule an appointment with you at your preferred location. This initial meeting helps us to get to know you and your personal lifestyle and to determine your individual preferences. Based on this information we prepare an individualized concept for your dream wedding. After consulting with you, we then pick the subcontractors, obtain various price offers and then plan and manage the details within your specified budget. You can lean back, relax and look forward to your great day. On the wedding day itself, we operate discreetly in the background to ensure a smooth and perfect flow of events, allowing you, your family and your guests to have a wonderful time and an unforgettable day.