• Finally – I could hardly wait any longer!


    Tadaaaa: Irina Thiessen Weddings!


    I welcome all of you – old and new friends alike! Finally, I have the special privilege to present you with my new brand and thus with a new homepage. I am very very glad to not just have started this process but also, puuuuhhhh, to have seen it through!


    The question you might ask yourself probably starts with a “Why.” Why did I change the brand name and the whole look of my page? Well let me tell you. The decision was not easy to make and the whole process somehow not easy to accomplish. I was aware of the fact, that I might loose some things I had accomplished within the last couple of years. A couple of years have passed since I first appeard on the radar of the wedding industry with my previous firm (emotions & events). Since then I have learned some very valuable lessons. Now I am more convinced than ever before that it is of utmost importance to me, to have my customers understand my passion from the very first moment they set foot on my website. I want everyone to exactly understand what we are about and how we do business. And of course I spoke to many professionals about my concerns. Their advice was very clear: you are your brand. So the decision was made. We now have a new face, dress and name, but … our core passion has not changed. We are still passionately committed to work hard in making sure you get a first-class wedding – the one you always dreamed of. To make sure the event is created in your interest and with your uniqueness in mind and to build that special memory with you together, that is what we stand for. 


    I hope you go off roaming through our pages and get inspired yourself. There are still many galleries I need to upload which I plan to do by and by. Now you can leave a comment after each gallery you view – I am really looking forward to reading all of them. One of the improvements to my old page.


    Before I sign off, I would like to thank my friends and most of all my family for their ongoing amazing support. I love you guys – you are the best! Believe me, they are so happy this project is done. A big huge thank you also to my dear friend Nadia for the wonderful pictures she took of little old me. You are my star!


    I am glad you have stopped by. Please do so again soon.



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