If you say A, you must also say B


    Because you leave a vast ocean in the bathroom after you shower …  Because you read the imprint, even in the travel guide … Because you put everything label-front into the closet …  Because with you, I don’t need a city guide anymore … Because you don’t put the stuff back into the closet anyway …  Because if you get spinned around just once, you won’t know where you are …  Because you forget most of the errands you should run, pretty much right away …   Because even after 10 minutes you always know who the murderer is …  Because you took care of most things, even before I managed to forget them …  Because you always stand tiptoe in front of the refrigerator … Because we both have to sneeze when chewing gum … That’s the reason we say B! (Text by Verena & Frank)


    A rare crossover of modern & Glam of the 20ties. This concept promised to be extraordinary and spectacular – and it was! Even when we first met I knew Verena & Frank’s wedding will be fantastic! The floral arrangements were a huge presentation of white peonies, each table was individually decorated – and none of them was alike. Antique wedding pictures mounted in glamour packed picture frames, pearl necklaces and ostrich eggs and feathers took you back into the good olden days. Verena the gorgeous bride designed her 20ties dress herself and had it tailored by a local Designer – an absolute dream of a wedding dress, with lots of lace, sensual and elegant! Have I mentioned that I simply loooove her dress? Every detail was created to fit the wedding design and the exceptional location, a renovated industrial building underlined the uniqueness of this wedding. Let yourself be taken back in to the glamorous 20ties…


    Love Note

    The best compliment a bride could make I heard that day: “When entering the venue, I was flashed by the beauty of it!” Thank you so much for your endless support for our wedding day!




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