In you I have found my soul mate!


    Finding love is a great thing and a gift. Finding love and sticking together through all of life’s challenges is even a greater gift and privilege. Beccy and Willi found their soul mate in each other. A blissful engagement followed and on the day they were going to get married Beccy was really sick. She had cought the flu and could even hardly walk – which you have to be able to do to some extend on your own wedding. They still got married, but Beccy said, she can hardly remember anything from that day. I love that they decided to have a little intimate ceremony a couple of years later, without Beccy being ill. The grand plan was to have a romantic beach wedding. The weather was not in our favor though, there was a real heavy storm coming on that day where the sand got thrown up so high, that we would still find it days later in our clothes and of course hair. But not to despair, after covering the bride in much protective clothing we arrived at Plan B: a lovely sandy stretch of pine woods. It seemed so enchanted and mystical – just perfect for a romantic intimate renewal of wedding vows. Suddenly the storm was gone and it was calm, you could only still hear the waves. What a gift to the two of them. You would think that a renewal of vows is not emotional – well think again. Every time I witness something like this, there are the same tears involved as at their first wedding ceremony. Truly love this video of the event!



    Love Note


    “This video will always remind me of one of our most wonderful days in our marriage. It was an unforgettable day when we renewed our wedding vows. Our focus was solely on each another and the vows we said that day very mindful. Thank you, for planning and creating this day so lovingly! We are so thankful for the gift of a very unique memory!”

    - Beccy 



    Videography | Marco Dück Films, Make-Up Artist | Natalia Kramer, Ceremony Official | Willy Thiessen, Florist & Rentals | Four Seasons Dekoration, Photography | Lilly Photography and Artaquis, Event Design: Irina Thiessen Weddings



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