• The Wedding Planner’s HQ – Redecorating


    A Wedding Planner and her office


    It was about time to apply a facelift for this wedding planner’s office!


    These days, whenever my job permits it, I am very busy redecorating my office. Oh, and I just absolutely love it! You know why? I can run wild with ideas on interior design – how cool is that? Whenever you dear brides and grooms, dear partners from the wedding industry, talk to me over the phone, over skype or we exchange emails, is it from this holy commanding center. This is the place where we exchange ideas, build and develop your wedding. 


    Well, it normally doesn’t look exactly like this. Usually my computer is not covered with a plastic foil. Also, you won’t find as much debris from ripped off wallpaper laying on the floor. But this is where I plan your weddings, create and write concepts for you until my head smokes. This is where I pile on boxes after boxes of decoration in the pre-wedding-phase. Often times, I admit, my office does not look as chic and neat like you would probably picture a wedding planners office to be. Oftentimes there is hardly any room left for all the swaches, fabrics, Inspiration-buys, and all the other stuff that makes my heart sing. Most of the time stuff is piled on high that I need for my work. But I just looove this office as well as its romantic and soothing view. Whenever I can’t think anymore – I look out the huge window (to my left) unto the woods and a creak – to sort my thoughts. What else does a busy wedding planer need, right?!


    As soon as I have finished up this place I’ll share an update right here. I am so looking forward to having my space all decorated again!


    See you soon,

    Weddings by Irina Thiessen


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