Where you are, I want to be. Your heaven is my heaven. When you laugh, I laugh and when you cry, I cry. Your love is my life.


    A dazzling gorgeous bride, a gown from the designers in Spain, a venue close to a lake – picture perfect! I love the fancy details and contrasts of this event, like the unusual berry-red peonies combined with slender feathers of a pheasant and put together into a breathtaking bridal bouquet. The table decor with the drop-down napkins kept mainly within in the berry colour tone, altogether accentuated the elegance. The chaste look of all the elements used was brought to life by the floral arrangements and the extra flower decor on each place setting. All in all a concept that radiates style. I love peonies more than anything, and thus try to make use of them as much as possible. Whenever an opportunity presents itself – I literally jump at it. This was one of those times, lucky me! What is a wedding without grand floral decorations? Colour combinations with berry and chocolate, which you will also find in the most delicious pettit fours, spend a certain dramatic look. I also was in love with the huge old-grown park on this private estate. Just perfect for a spreading out a bit, event to take a short walk during the couples portrait shoot. A true dream location for a dream event! 



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