In your eyes I have found my home. In your heart I have found my love. In your soul I have found my companion. With you I am complete, a unity, alive. You are my breath, my heartbeat.



    What does a celebration need to be superb? For one and also for the most important part a beaming couple madly in love. They are the center of a great wedding. Family and friends, celebrating with them, being there only for the bride and groom. For everyone including bride and groom to feel completely comfortable the venue needs to be perfect, the supporting processes need to be flawless. And the soul, what does the soul need? It needs beauty surrounding it. Be in in the surrounding nature, the location, the decor or the many other beautiful details that just bring life and beauty to such a extra-ordinary event. Ambiance is key to the feel of an event. I just love when everything comes together just perfectly. It feels like the soul dan breath open and wide. We get refreshed and replenished. This is what I love in the pictures you see in this wedding. What warms my heart especially are the sweet flower bearers – they always bring a certain liveliness to a celebration as only they can. Enjoy what you see…



    Photography | Nadia Meli, Florist | Dagmar Gombert, Venue | Haus Wittgenstein, Catering | Tempelhof, Hair & Make-Up | Natalia Kramer, Wedding Co-ordination & Design | Irina Thiessen Weddings, Wedding Cakes | Tortenküche Merker


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